Mental Health Professionals:

You don't need a website for people to FIND you...

You need a website for people to CHOOSE you!

When clients or patients are given referrals for therapy or medication, there is usually more than one name to choose from, and the first place they turn to help them decide is the internet.

When they google you, will they find just a name, address, and phone number? Or will they see a professionally designed website that reflects your unique training, experience, and expertise in your field?

Taking the step of having a professional web presence will help these prospective clients or patients feel less hesitant to make the first call.


There are MANY cookie-cutter, generic website services where you can pick out a pre-existing template, "decorate" it however you want, and put in your information.

That is NOT the same as having a website built for you from scratch to your specifications, in as simple or complex a form as you want.

Not sure what you want?

I can brainstorm with you to figure out your exact needs and what would suit you best, especially since I have been in the mental health profession myself for over 20 years. Contact me with any and all questions and I will make the process simple, easy, and affordable.

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"I am very happy with the website Sara designed for me. Sara was great to work with; she listened to my ideas and created a site beyond my expectations for a very affordable price! I would definitely recommend her work.

--Ally S.