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"Sara's website design has made a huge difference in my getting new clients, as most people seeking therapists today look into Google and other search sites. Surprisingly, my current clients have expressed greater respect for my background and professionalism, as is highlighted by Sara's work. If another person has referred someone to me, my website is always looked at, before the client calls - and is always mentioned. If I refer a client to another professional, I have been told that unless that person has a website, and one that is well done, the client would not call for an appointment, despite their trust in me. They want to make their own decisions, and website information is essential to enable that."

--Trish Dayan, LCSW

About SDK Webcraft

Sara D. Kaner: SDK Web Craft

My name is Sara Kaner, and in addition to obtaining a computer science degree from Brown University, I went on to become a child and adolescent psychiatrist. While I enjoy that work and continue it part-time, I also love to design and build websites, from the initial choices of color and layout to the coding and debugging, and then pride in the completed project:

A well-designed, efficient, unique, and user-friendly website for you.